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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 9

           My eyes widened as I saw exactly who was in the driver’s seat. It had been years since I had seen her and suddenly she was showing up during the middle of a skirmish. Quickly looking to Max, I saw her stare for a few moments before finally nodding.
            Over the past while I had been watching Max and her converse with others. Slowly, but surely I was able to start to decipher words and understand what was going on, especially now.

            “Yeah! I could use all the help I could get! I need to get him to a medic tent for surgery,” she said, throwing her bag into the bed of the truck. Picking up the girl, Max helped her up and then moved back to the man after finding a stretcher in the rear. Easing the man onto it—with the help of a soldier—they managed to get him in. Climbing up herself, Max gave the signal that they could move.
            “What are you doing all the way out here, Jade?” Max said, sitting against the bed of the truck against the cab. The older woman looked into the rear-view window as she drove.
            “I work out here, just like you. Well, sort of. I’m not a medic, but I do drive around and pick up the stragglers like you,” Jade said, turning around in a small open area of the street. The truck lurched a bit as we sped in the direction of the outlying cliffs. Taking one final glance at Jade, Max turned her attention to her patient.
            She kept her hand on his wrist—keeping track of his pulse—as they flew across the sand. The little girl sat by Max, the two speaking in what appeared to be hushed tones. Seeing something wrong, Max moved to the man and started to apply pressure to his chest and arm. I saw Jade’s lips move, trying to read what she was saying despite the odd angle.
            “Max…Sit down your head is bleeding,” I said, finally deciphering what Jade spoke. My sister must have finally realized that she was indeed injured, I watched Max lightly feel her temple. Seeing Max return to her work, I could tell Jade wasn’t at all pleased. The truck lurched forwards as we sped up—Jade probably wanting to get both Max and the man to the hospital.
            Just as they were coming around the corner, Max looked at where they were headed. I could tell this was a place she had yet to go and probably had never heard of. My eyes caught view of what Max said.
            “Where are we going? That’s a good question. Where are we going, Jade?” I said, hoping to read some answer from her lips. A smirk appeared as we sped towards the buildings built into the cliff walls. The truck skidding to a stop, Max jumped out and moved around to help the man out. A soldier ran towards them, gun in his arms and aimed directly at them.
            “Max! Watch it! He doesn’t recognize you,” I said, touching her shoulder and knowing that she wouldn’t feel it.
            “Tate! Stop! They need medical assistance! Get help down here, now!” Jade shouted, looking at the man.
            “Jade, hold it. These are strangers! We can’t just let anyone in here!” Tate objected, keeping his gun at Max, the little girl and the man. Another glare from Jade sent him sprinting for the medic bay.
            “Sit your ass down, Max. You are not going to bleed to death on me,” Jade said, gesturing to the truck. Shrinking back a bit, my sister took her seat next to the little girl.
            Within a few minutes, the man was taken in the direction of the medical crew, his daughter being carried behind by a nurse. Jade turned to Max and walked over. She wasn’t at all amused that she had not gone after the nurse and medical crew.
            “Come on kid, let’s get you upstairs and get that head sewn up,” Jade said, pulling Max to a stand. I laughed, seeing Max roll her eyes and the two walk together. It was starting to get easier to read lips and understand things. But I of course had to be able to see their lips move. Trailing behind them, I made my way around the base towards where they had their medic team. Jade forced Max to take a seat as a man entered wiping off his hands of some black substance. Washing his hands and grabbing a few instruments the man approached them.
            “I’m just sewing up today?” He sat down across from Max, taking the cleaner and starting to get a better look at the wound. Jade watched for a few moments and then took a seat on an empty bed. After several minutes of cleaning, he took out the needle and thread to prepare for starting to stitch her head.
            “What were you wiping off your hands?” I watched Max’s eyes glance over at the trashcan where the rag was. The man laughed.
            “Just some oil, I work in the garage as—“
            “You’re a mechanic?” Max said, pulling away from the man. I laughed, seeing her move rather quickly and still with her injury.

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