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Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 13

Max set down the three trays she was carrying precariously in her arms, not wanting to spill anything. The little girl slid off the bed to grab a tray when Max shook her head, moving the table over to the father and child. I watched the three converse—looking rather happy. Setting two of the trays before both patients, I saw my sister grab a chair to join them. It was good to see her so joyful in such a bleak time; all the patients she had to treat day in and out must have taken some toll on her. Seeing her laugh and munch with others was a definite change. Especially since these two patients were enemies of the military and she so openly rescued them and chatted with them like friends.

            Glancing around the patient room, some shifting by the door caught my eye. Focusing on it a bit more, I noticed Jade peek in and then pass by. Interested in the reason as to why she was trying to be so stealthy and sneak past Max made me curious. I automatically trailed her down the corridor of offices. Someone must have called to her as she left her path and ventured into an office. She stood in the doorway, conversing—her conversation slowly starting to become more audible.
            So far I had discovered that if I was anywhere around Jade, I could hear everyone, but the instance she left I returned to my world of black and white silent films.
            “…No, there really is no need for that to be open. Let me see,” she said, moving to the computer the lone worker was sitting before. He moved aside, letting her read over his shoulder. I eagerly slid forwards to read what was on the screen to find out exactly what they were talking about. They seemed to be staring at a file—probably some personnel—and having a rather deep discussion about it. Not being able to see, I stepped back, waiting for one of them to get out of my way. The man looked to Jade, curious to know why she was so confused.
            “Anything I should know about?” His eyes observed Jade for several moments, examining her facial features as she read. I was engrossed in what she was looking at. It seemed her features darkened, almost like she were mourning or wanting some kind of revenge.
            “Close the file down. It should not be open at all. Put a pass code on it and hide it,” she said, pushing away from the desk. Jade’s feet automatically seemed to carry her into the hall. Wanting to look back at the screen to see what was so important I instead followed her. Just seeing her shoulders shake, I reached out to attempt to comfort her.
            “Jade… Come on, it’s okay. You’ll be all right and really I’m here still,” I said, dropping my hand to my side. Staring down at it briefly, I moved past her and towards the doors of the infirmary. Her voice was fading behind me along with all of the noise. Slipping into the room a smile formed on my face as I saw my sister chatting away with her patient, the little girl now curled up next to her father asleep. Every cell within me wished to know what they were saying. If only Jade could come into the room, then I’d know.
            Seeing Max get up, I watched her replace the chair and move the table aside. It was probably time for her to return to her rounds, or at least go take a break. She took a blanket and draped it over the child, carefully running her hand through the girl’s hair. Waving to the father, Max walked out of the infirmary and towards the exit doors. I followed, curious as to what was on my sister’s agenda now.

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