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Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 13

Max set down the three trays she was carrying precariously in her arms, not wanting to spill anything. The little girl slid off the bed to grab a tray when Max shook her head, moving the table over to the father and child. I watched the three converse—looking rather happy. Setting two of the trays before both patients, I saw my sister grab a chair to join them. It was good to see her so joyful in such a bleak time; all the patients she had to treat day in and out must have taken some toll on her. Seeing her laugh and munch with others was a definite change. Especially since these two patients were enemies of the military and she so openly rescued them and chatted with them like friends.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 12

            “We’ll be back in a few hours, okay Max? Thomas is going to watch you until we return,” I said, ruffling my sister’s hair. I was kneeling down tying my shoe. Her hand currently held a small stuffed penguin; a security item she had brought with her—among other toys from her room—from our house. Glancing up at her, I saw her head nod. Jade came over and knelt down with me.
            “I’ll take good care of him, don’t worry,” she said, hugging Max. We both stood and made our way around the labyrinth of toys and furniture—part of a fort we had made earlier today. Thomas and Max both walked us to the door.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 11

The man laughed, finding what Max said amusing. He gestured to the chair, needle and thread still in his hands.
            “Calm down. I know what I’m doing,” he said, laughing. “Max right? Well, you need to sit down and stay still so I can sew this closed. If you’re in pain, just say my name and I’ll back off.”

Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 10

Max giggled as we walked towards the school.
            “You won’t hit any kids today, right? I don’t want to have to stop work to come take you out of class,” I said looking at her. It was no surprise that she laughed at me.
            “I promise. No hitting,” Max said, swinging her metal lunchbox. “What if it’s an accident?” I stared at her blankly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 9

           My eyes widened as I saw exactly who was in the driver’s seat. It had been years since I had seen her and suddenly she was showing up during the middle of a skirmish. Quickly looking to Max, I saw her stare for a few moments before finally nodding.
            Over the past while I had been watching Max and her converse with others. Slowly, but surely I was able to start to decipher words and understand what was going on, especially now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 8

            Max closed the drawer with her stuff in it and climbed on the bed. She flopped on her back, a stuffed animal in her hand. I followed suit, staring at our new ceiling. Mr. Leland managed to pull some strings for me and Max to have a small dorm.
            “So? What do ya think?” I looked at my little sister. Her eyes glanced around the room before a sigh escaped her lips.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 7

            Max staggered back from blocking a strike from the livid man’s gun. There was really very little area for her to move. Any more towards the windows and she could get taken out by a sniper; any deeper into the building and there was no hope on getting out unless one of them lost their life. Seizing his gun, they wrestled about for a few moments until at last he kicked her back into a wall.
            His lips moved quickly, his mouth widening—indicating his shouts—with spit flying everywhere. My eyes watched Max’s reactions to his shouts. Already she seemed tenser than when he first pointed the gun at her. Her hands were held up towards him, trying to explain and do whatever she could to get him to see her reasoning.