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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 11

The man laughed, finding what Max said amusing. He gestured to the chair, needle and thread still in his hands.
            “Calm down. I know what I’m doing,” he said, laughing. “Max right? Well, you need to sit down and stay still so I can sew this closed. If you’re in pain, just say my name and I’ll back off.”

            “Then what is your name?” Oh, Max was getting smart with him now. I leaned forwards from my own seat, wanting to understand more of the current situation.
            “Jason.” Seeing her nod and relax, the mechanic moved in. Boy was he going to get it if he screwed up—maybe she’d hit him or something. I smirked, just imagining the whole thing. He was just about to start when Max pulled away again.
            “You’re not qualified to do any procedure like this. Mechanics aren’t supposed to sew up people,” Max said, which made Jade smirk.
            “Look kid, I took time away from my duties to fix your head. Now just shut up, sit still and let me do this!” Jason looked livid now and Max definitely wasn’t going to let up now, seeing his patience dwindling.
            Tate glanced over at Jade, expecting her to do something. The older woman was merely taking her gun apart, cleaning it and then putting it back together. I could tell she wasn’t going to make a move until Max really started to put up a fuss.
            “Hey, respect our staff! He’s at least willing to help you,” Tate said, putting a hand on his holster. Max and I both looked him up and down—I could tell she was debating on whether it was possible for her to fight him on that fact. Jason tried one last time before Max finally struggled from him and started walking for the door. Throwing up his arms, Jason stormed out the opposite door.
            “I give up! She’s too stubborn!” Having observed this whole situation, Jade washed her hands and walked over. Taking the needle and thread in hand, I watched as Jade patted the seat before her.
            “Sit down Max. I’ll do it,” she said, looking at my sister.
            “Hell no! You are far less qualified—“
            “Just like your stubborn assed brother! Look, I know basic first aid. If you don’t sit down I will stab you with this needle,” Jade said, glaring at Max threateningly. I watched on amused as ever. It wasn’t very often that I knew my sister to put her foot down, but this was one of those times when she of course objected. Medical practices stood firmly with her; either because of the dedication, or because she did not want to get in trouble.
            “This is not basic first aid, Jade. Head wounds are not taught as basic first aid!” Man, when Max got livid, boy was she enraged. Tate looked on, wondering if he should intervene at all.
            “I say you give her a sedative. That’ll solve our problems. Maybe overdose her or something—“ he started to suggest before getting a stern kick to the gut.
            “Don’t even. We are not going to give her a narcotic. Please, just sit down.” I didn’t quite understand Jade’s reasoning in asking her nicely. If she didn’t listen with yelling, there was no way she was going to listen with just a polite question. Seeing her not move, I watched as Jade forced Max into the chair. “Sorry Max. Like it or not, you’re getting sown up,” Jade said, cleaning the gash once more and then starting to sew it up. For once, Max actually obeyed—although she had in the past—she was complied with someone that she respected. After several minutes, Jade cut the needle free after making sure the stitches were finished.
            “Thanks,” Max said, taking the gauze and carefully taping some over the stitches. Fixing her jacket, she headed for the door.
            “Where are you going?” Tate asked, rather suspicious of this newcomer.
            “I have my patient rounds. Duh,” Max said over her shoulder. Jade washed her hands and shook her head.
            “Why’d you bring that kid here?” Tate looked at Jade questioningly.
            “I…dated her brother. Seeing her out there on the field, I just couldn’t leave her,” Jade explained. I was glad she still felt for me—that I at least had some little spot in her heart.

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