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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 12

Dom checked off the shipment as it arrived in the shipping dock. He glanced down at his clipboard, knowing they were to expect a third truck sometime tonight. So far he had gotten almost everything on his list. Once the items were unloaded from these large semis, they were then reloaded into smaller cars that left at sporadic intervals towards the mother ship. In his trips down there, he had managed to get the solar panels installed and feeding into the generator, which was now powering the facility.
            If he was going to get more power, he required more help to aid him in setting up the windmills. Those took the longest, and had to all be specifically tuned. Dom was hoping he could train someone to do it so he wouldn’t have to, but right now, none of the recruits seemed remotely interested. A good portion of them wanted to train with the weapons or the computers… but none of the general maintenance things. All of those tasks sounded too menial and pointless—or unimportant that there was really no point in having them as jobs. In the end, Dom had to drive down and get to work on installing everything—which caused him to have to put whatever he was currently building, on hold.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 11

Dom did not like the idea of upping their current production. It would require people to be working around the clock. The person that was currently doing that was D00m, and that’s because she miraculously didn’t die; and living off Monster and Rock Star among other food—occasionally. The whole council was currently in a heated debate about whether they should move to working 24/7. Right now he was just listening as many of them argued.
            “If we just keep going at the pace we’re at, we’ll never get finished in time. They’ll have that thing up in thirteen months,” Ane said, pointing to the picture they had currently displayed on the large screen from one of the projectors. Staring at it for several moments, Dom moved the design of the satellite to be shown from one of the other projectors.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 10

All the adjustments to the weapons were taking longer than Dom had originally anticipated. He had to keep ordering new parts, and then order other supplies from Hadrian and his other suppliers. It also didn’t help that they were getting a consistently larger group coming to their nightly meetings. This required him to order more food and provisions to meet the needs of their cause. The biggest problem with this though, was that more shipments and arrivals to the warehouse made things more suspicious. Or at least that’s what Dom thought.
            Tonight’s meeting though had everyone there. He was surprised they hadn’t been discovered yet. With this many people arriving, he knew he would have to schedule everyone to come and go at different times. It was already suspicious enough having this many people working for him during the night shift. Time sheets were posted throughout the basement informing people when each person needed to leave specifically so as not to rouse suspicion.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 9

Dom frowned, glaring at the screen before him. No one said reversing a brainwashed victim was easy… but it should not be this hard to crack this egg. Already he had lost a few days worth of sleep. Much like D00m, Dom was relying on coffee, tea, and every so often, an energy drink. He would catch a few hours rest here and there when he needed to stretch or close his eyes because he was so exhausted he could barely keep his eyes open.
            None of the programming was going right. His current victim was a friend of Minari’s that they desperately needed to help. This woman happened to be the princess’s lady in waiting that was a very close friend. She had tried to escape with her mistress, but unfortunately she was captured and sacrificed her wellbeing in order to protect the last member of the royal family.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 8

Dropping Dom and D00m off so early was not in her plans at all. Right now, Sola wanted to be sleeping; but no. She got roped into taking them to the airport. Grumbling about how late or… early it was, she helped them get out of the car before she hugged D00m briefly and then stood awkwardly with Dom.
            “So, I guess this is good-bye,” she said, wishing D00m were back over here and not just off somewhere probably checking in the baggage.
            “Well, we’ll be back. So it’s not… definite,” Dom said, hands in his pockets. He didn’t know whether it would be appropriate to hug her, or show some amount of affection. After all, he did ask her out—not in the most romantic way, but he was trying.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 7

            Dom busied himself with plans for weapons, armor, and of course, rebel insignias they could use to signify their existence. Carefully sketching out his plans in his little composition book, he looked up seeing Sola was making herself useful by listening to the radio, speeches and of course telecasts from the “Good for You” and Ritters party. It was important they figure out exactly what their plans were next so that they could be prepared. As he continually observed her, the phone rang, nearly scaring him out of his own skin. Digging through the mess of papers, he found the phone and answered.
            “Dom here, what can I do for you?” Sola looked up, curious to know who was on the phone. Rarely did someone call at this time of night… although that was generally the safest time to call downstairs. She watched him, figuring she could eavesdrop at least just a little. Just as Dom was about to speak, Sola caught sight of D00m some distance behind him in the basement. Squinting Sola had to hold back a giggle with the aid of her hand as Dom’s assistant swung from the lamps like Tarzan, or maybe even an ape. Turning her gaze back to her “boss” she saw he was calmly talking as if nothing was going on behind him.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 6

            Sola glared at the current box she was unpacking. With the help of D00m and Dom she had moved all of her items into this room he had given her. It was slightly larger than her apartment, which in this city was rather tiny. D00m had even brought Sola’s kitchen supplies. But one thing Sola hated more than the present government, was moving. All her life she had been moved from place to place so her dad could fulfill his job. Now that she was out on her own, she didn’t want that kind of lifestyle… And yet here she was, suddenly moved from her old apartment to this underground Bat Cave that definitely had the words “Bachelor Pad” scribbled all over it.
            Just two days ago she was applying for a job when she nearly got arrested and then kidnapped by this odd guy that hired her to work in his poster tube making factory. And here she was living with him under the warehouse, having now joined the rebellion against the government. To Sola, there was just something incredibly messed up about this situation. But maybe that was because her sleeping schedule was off… Dom had her “working” the night shift, which did not sit well with her body. Granted, she kept the same usual schedule, it was just that he had her up late the past few nights to have her sign paperwork.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 5

            It was mid-day and the sidewalks were incredibly packed. Roving through the throng of people as they moved from work to lunch and then back to their desk jobs, Dom made his way to the supermarket. He needed some food for downstairs—specific items D00m had requested he get so she could bake some more. While he could easily order all their supplies in bulk, some items he really knew they wouldn’t need to last them eternally.
            Ducking into the store, he wandered the aisles for sometime before he finally got the products he needed—or rather, D00m needed. Double checking to make sure he wasn’t sent for anything else, he meandered back to the cashier where he paid for the items and tucked them away safely in his backpack. Thanking the clerk, he bid her good-bye before he stepped back out onto the teeming sidewalk. Across the street, Dom could see that people were continuing to be rounded up. It had become a daily occurrence to see such a sight. People were just gathered and loaded up, never to return the same. Just as he was turning to return home, the young man stopped dead in his tracks.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 4

Dom was sitting idle at his desk, sketching something down in a composition book. Checking several of his calculations with the computer that sat to his left, he then resumed scribbling numbers and equations down. Just as he was jotting down some last few items before he looked up seeing a red light flash above the door.
            “Ah, right on time,” he said, dropping his mechanical pencil and getting up. He made his way over towards the stairs, and ascended to the floor of the factory. A loud knock at the front door told him that Ane had arrived with her partner in crime. Waiting several moments, Dom strode to the side door in the alley he told them to head to. Listening for their footsteps to reach the door, he finally pulled open the door the instant he heard them stop.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 3

           Gatherings were always quite a lame endeavor. People stood around and watched as the officials went by; announcements were made and then people dispersed to their daily lives. That was virtually every day. With all the trivial work they were being forced to do in order to show their support for the government, Dom was getting incredibly sick of wasting his time.
            Shifting his backpack, he stood with the rest of the crowd, watching the leaders pass and wave. Mephanie Styer was currently standing on one of the floats while her cronies, Crispy Panini and Haurell L. Kamilton followed in another float. Keeping his poker face on, he slid his backpack to the ground. Kneeling to tie his shoe, Dom used the cover of the crowd to unload his bag. Setting out a remote control car he started to drive it through the crowd and onto the streets. Pressing a button on the control box, he watched as the weapon popped out the top and aimed itself at the tire. Currently the crowd was too focused on the parade to realize what was happening on the ground.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 2

The boy glared at the line he currently stood in. These gatherings were getting incredibly frustrating. An entire waste of time if anyone bothered to ask him. But no, their government continued to waste the money on things they deemed more “Worthy of their time.” Rolling his eyes as an officer passed him, he waited to be checked before he passed through a metal detector and down the steps of the City Hall. Some distance ahead, people were getting pulled and separated. Although it wasn’t the people themselves, they were being divided into groups. Test subjects, he thought, assuming that what he was currently observing was more towards the experiment stages.
            Lately though, many of his friends had disappeared… They were activists; a large aggressive and sometimes of a lemming-esque mindset. It worried him that he had no heard from them since they left for their most recent excursion. From what he heard, it was something along the lines of a protest against the government. Dom always out spoke against the government, but never at a public protest. He wanted to do something, but it seemed to him that getting arrested was not the best way. As of late, he had been working on other ways one could strike down the government and attract very little attention to one self.
            His eyes scanned the crowd, searching for a familiar face. So far, no sign of any of his friends. It was as if they were wiped off the face of the planet. Just as he thought that once more he was on his own, he caught sight of a mentor and close pal that had taught him many things about protesting. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Writers vs. Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 1

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle has a bit of a back story. It started out as a huge list of pet peeves you typically find in fanfiction. But slowly it morphed into the things I hated that authors did - and eventually a combination of the writers I hate most with a ridiculous plot. Overall, it's a parody of a lot of literary things. Originally when I wrote this, my goal was 75,000 words. I got there, and finished the whole story up. So please enjoy how crazy this entire plot is and where it winds up.

Chapter 1  

            The group assembled nervously, glancing at each other as the thunder of their voices quieted. Above them on the platform, their leader, Ane, had moved to the center to peer down at all those prepared for their cause. Some shifted anxiously as they awaited the signal for the battle to begin. Others adjusted their armor and began to woop and holler as their leader stood before them. Clearing her throat, the throng of people fell eerily silent.

            “It is incredible to see that we’re all assembled here tonight in this early morning light before the sun rises and we begin this journey. We’re all scared. Some of you won’t return, and some of you will return with your sanity clearly thrown out your brains. Either way… we cannot give up. Giving up will show the enemy that they have won. All of us know this is wrong. The government is trying to keep us silent, but they cannot keep us silent forever. No more attending ridiculous gatherings about some brainless loons running our country. No more parades to show off the mindless gluttons that continue to enrapture the brains of our fellows. This ends today,” she said, looking across the large group. Glancing to her left, Ane could see her two friends, Princess Minari and Dom. Both stood proudly, listening to their fearless leader energizing the soldiers. 


So for those of you that read my other blogs, I know, it is utterly ridiculous that I've taken on another project. Most especially because it's in the early days of NaNoWriMo.

But after talking to a few coworkers, who were interested in reading the things I've written the last four years, I decided to relent and give them what they want.

This blog is entirely dedicated to my past NaNoWriMos and the chapters within those novels.

Read, comment, laugh and I hope you enjoy the craziness that November brings.