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Monday, January 30, 2012

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Epilogue

The sun hung low on the horizon, setting the sky ablaze as a small group sat on top of the base on a small area not covered by solar panels. Using lawn chairs placed carefully on the peak of the base roof, they lounged about drinking soda and anything currently refreshing. High above them, large copters flew past hauling large sections of the satellite that was currently being dismantled. After working so hard to set up a proper government, the leaders of the Alliance took plenty of time to relax and enjoy themselves as friends and companions.

            “Hey, did you hear that JK Rofling’s new movie is coming out soon?” Collin glanced around the group.
            “Oh yeah, I think we got tickets to the premier too,” Sola mentioned, remembering that they got an envelope personally addressed to them from JK with tickets for every member that helped in the rebellion. There happened to also be a note thanking them for rescuing her from the GFU.
            “Excellent. Looks like we get to take a road trip to the theatre,” Aldorel grinned, downing some of her drink in one swallow. The group laughed, celebrating at the idea.
            “This is perfect. Both the parliament and monarchy are restored, and here we are finally able to relax,” Minari said, leaning back and sipping some of her ice cold soda.
            “How does it feel to have a few days off from ruling?” Ane inquired, looking to her best friend. The currently ruling monarch thought for a moment before she shrugged.
            “You should know, Ane. You’re one of my fellow monarchs,” Minari replied, punching her close friend in the shoulder. Laughing, they fell quiet, letting the sound of the forest animals and the helicopters fill the silence. The group remained hushed, watching the sun set before them. Occasionally one of them would get up and grab another bottle of soda.
            “You know, those squirrels are totally doing it,” Dom said, breaking the silence. Sola released his hand that she was holding, and smacked the back of his head. The rest of the group was giggling, trying to hide their amusement behind their hands or drinks.
            “Shut up. Just watch the sunset and enjoy it,” she said, shooting him a look.
            “Okay, I was just saying,” he said, taking a drink.
            “Shut. Up.” And with that, they turned back to watch the sun, or possibly the squirrels.

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