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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Writers vs Ritters: The EPIC Battle Chapter 15

It was the middle of the night when alarms started to blare. Almost everyone was asleep; everyone except for of course two people that remained awake. D00m and Dom were in the military facilities command center, keeping a close eye on the surveillance. Both of them were busily typing away the instant the alarm went off. People all across the facility were instantly awoken and getting dressed. Many were already pulling on their uniforms. Sola was awake in a flash and in the command center.
            “What happened?” She was of course immediately followed by Ane and Minari who were also at the southern facility.
            “We’ve been discovered,” Dom said. Sola took note that he was already in full gear.
            “How did that happen?” Minari was standing before the large screen, staring up at the enemy blips currently across their radar screen.
            “It seems they have sped up the process of their main satellite, and then heightened the power of a more minor one in the area. Apparently they decided to take aerial photos and found something,” Dom said, shaking his head. This was unbelievable. They had taken every single precaution in order to prevent this from happening.
            “What does this mean for us?” Sola looked at him, waiting for an answer. When she didn’t hear it, she knew the response was not positive. Just as she turned her eyes to the screen to watch with the other council members, Specialist Jon burst into the room.
            “What the hell happened?” He did not look happy at all. Either he was the last one alerted, or he was not pleased to hear those sirens.
            “Get yourself battle ready,” Dom said, making sure the security system was moved on to high. “The battle front just moved,” he said, looking to Jon. “An aerial photo that was sent to their intelligence guru revealed one of our wind turbines. It seems they don’t remember the paperwork on getting those approved. So now they want to have a full investigation. They’re headed our way within the next week.”
            “For us specifically?”
            “They want to use the facility. It could be used as something else in their grand scheme,” he said, scanning the screen before him. Dom was currently providing them information on both the large projectors and on his screen at his workstation. He was somehow managing to keep up with the information on both of them. Updating the screen on the projector and setting it to run in real time, they all watched as investigators from the Good For You party began to head in their direction.
            “How much time do we have?” Ane was watching the red blips intently.
            “A few hours at least. They’re traveling from the far north. Apparently they don’t have anyone stationed this far south,” D00m said, having already done a bit of research ahead of the question.
            “Everyone get ready,” Ane said, staring at the screen still. “We’re going to defend ourselves.” Turning on her heel, she left the room with Minari hot on her tail.
            “Will that be enough time to prepare?” Sola glanced at both Jon and Dom.
            “We’ll be prepared enough to at least defend this place. They won’t know what hit ‘em,” Jon answered, a huge grin on his face. Dom could tell he was definitely enjoying the new frontlines he got to experience now that he was stationed with them rather than back in the US.
            “I’ve already alerted the urban centers to get ready. They received the alarm immediately after we did. Every one of them has reported in with being set up for the next move,” he said, typing a few more things before getting up.
            “For now we’ll defend them from here. But once we go full battle, Sola you’re staying here,” Dom said, turning to face her.
            “No way in hell am I letting you go out there right now,” she said, glaring at him. This was something they discussed by she didn’t think it would come down to them separating like this.
            “I won’t be anywhere else except for right outside, okay? I need you to keep me updated,” he said, reaching behind him on his desk and grabbing a headset. He put it on her head and then put a smaller one into his ear. Taking a hold of his helmet, he slid it on and attached the combat helm so that it would remain on his head. Seeing that she was worried, Jon clapped a hand on Dom’s back and smiled at Sola.
            “Don’t worry your little head, Sola girl. I’m going to make sure your boy here is as safe as can be. With me by his side, I won’t let anything happen,” he said, grinning. They both bid her farewell with a brief hug and then left the command center.
            “Thanks for that, Jon,” Dom said, walking along side him.
            “Anytime, kid. I know what it’s like to have someone back home waiting anxiously for your return. You just need a buddy to reassure ‘em,” he said, smirking. “We got ourselves a great team here,” Jon said, patting Dom on the back. “You and me can stick together and watch each other’s backs. Nothing can hurt us then.”
            Nodding in agreement, Dom continued down the way with the military strategist. Normally Jon wouldn’t have entered the battlefield unless he was fighting for his own country, but right now, he felt so welcomed and at home here that he wanted to help them. Even if it meant fighting alongside them. Just as they turned the corner of a long hallway, Dom stopped and which caused Jon to also.
            “Go call your family,” he said, looking at the specialist. “They have a right to know that you’re heading out and that you’re helping us.” The man nodded and moved into the hanger with Dom where the many Rebel Alliance members were rushing about to their units and getting ready for battle. Among them were all the Ewoks, which were currently being led by Moose. Dom made sure Teek stayed back with Sola and aided her—and D00m—with the happenings on the field. Jon disappeared for a while, in which he managed to dial on the phone to the US. After getting himself routed through a few countries, he finally hung up after close to fifteen minutes chatting on the phone.
            Dom was leaning against one of the door jams to the hanger, listening to how Ane and Minari were directing everyone. So far the units were forming and getting their armor and weapons prepared. This was one of the first times—besides in the shooting range—they were going to be having the safeties off of the guns. The sniper units were smaller and preparing themselves to guard the facility from the roof tops and strategically placed hidden platforms. It was going to be tough to get them to their positions, but as long as everyone was able to be in place before the Good For You party arrived, it would enable them to be in a good defensive position. Otherwise, they would be defeated swiftly.                                                            Jon approached him after his phone call home. He nodded and pulled on his combat helmet. Seeing that it was time to get ready to go, Dom checked his weapon and slung it over his shoulder. The two of them walked out after all of the squads were dismissed. Many people appeared incredibly anxious as they left the hanger. Glancing around, Dom saw that Collin was nowhere to be seen. Good. He’s inside with Sola, he thought, walking out with Jon.
            “You better be careful, Dom,” Collin’s voice said over his headset. “Sola’s in here fretting like crazy as she watches the monitors.”
            “Tell her not to fret her little head. I got this boy attached to me. He’ll be safer than the Mona Lisa,” Jon said over his microphone, grinning. Turning around he gave a thumbs up to the camera that was in their vicinity. Dom could hear Sola laugh at least a little, but it was mostly Collin that he heard.
            “Let us know when they reach the outskirts of the forest,” Dom said, heading to where he and Jon were going to be stationed. It was at a small outcropping inside the forest that had many camouflaged areas to hide in. The two of them settled into their place, and waited for movement. They weren’t quite on the frontlines, but close enough that they could help command the action. Many of the leaders were slightly behind the main troops, or at least hidden somewhere until the time was right. Both adorned their face paint, which was thankfully going to make sure they were even better hidden.
            Glancing around, Dom could see the other members in their area. Everyone was situated just along their line, as the enemy was supposed to come through the forest and attack. The radio channel was silent as he waited apprehensively for the call to come that they had indeed entered their territory. So far, no sign. It was eerie to just hear the quiet static as he listened. Frowning at the thought that maybe it was a false alarm. But if it wasn’t and they foolishly retreated, they could be in serious hot water. Not liking the silence, he decided to broach a question to those in the command center.
            “Anything yet?” He waited a moment for them to answer, not wanting to badger them too much. They had a lot of information to keep up with, and there were only five of them watching the monitors.
            “Nothing. We’ll keep you posted,” said Sola, who typed crazy fast. Dom could hear that her typing was rather furious sounding, as though she were really trying to get things finished… He knew it was due to her stress. Here her boyfriend was out on the frontlines making sure they all remained safe and all she could do was inform him that they were being attacked. Swallowing, he kept his eyes on the distance ahead. Still no movement. Not wanting to voice his mind and ask so suddenly, Dom bit his tongue and continued to remain alert. “We’ve got movement,” Sola finally said, seeing that there was indeed a large blip on the radar screen that was definitely startling to observe.
            “What quadrant is it coming from?” Ane said, coming onto the channel.
            “Straight forward. They’re in one giant line,” Collin answered, examining the radar screen more carefully. He could see the location of every person, which were in blue blips. Compared to the Good For You party, they were greatly outnumbered. Exhaling, he watched the red dots approach steadily. It was one giant long line that was the same distance across as theirs. Behind their front line was then an incredibly huge number of people—probably soldiers that were going to become the next people to attack once the entire frontline had been obliterated.
            “Keep us posted,” Jon said, before switching off the safety on his gun. Everyone was incredibly edgy, which was not the greatest sign in terms of battle. If people were nervous, someone’s gun could go off and give away their position.
            “Steady snipers. Be ready to start taking out those further back in the line. Especially those with heavier weapons,” Dom said, knowing that not all the snipers could respond as their mikes were muted.
            “Roger,” the captain of the team answered.
            “It’s a huge number approaching. Be wary,” Sola said, seeing the radar on the large projector monitors. Collin was currently busy keeping his eyes on it, updating the people constantly—especially those that needed to know.
            “Anyone approaching from the rear?” Jon inquired, not able to see the radar himself. He had the local map memorized, which would help him relay information to the others once he had questions posed to him. Hearing typing come over the ear piece, he hoped they would update him soon.
            “Nothing yet. I doubt it though. We are against a mountain range and another country,” Sola said, knowing that they were near the Southern border. If the Good For You party really wanted to get at them, they would need the neighboring government’s permission to move their troops through before attack.
            “What’s the status of their satellite?” Dom knew that if they were going to finish it early, or even if they managed to, the entire base would be doomed. Their communication would be inhibited by the amount of power that was given off by the huge piece of equipment. It would become virtually impossible for them to send out any distress signals to anyone that would listen.
            “It’s the same it was a week ago. The holiday season has really limited their workers. Although many of them are willing, it’s not enough for them to remain productive. We could have an advantage if we can stall them a bit longer,” Collin said, checking the satellite production camera that was set up on a roof in the capital city.
            “Inform the urban teams they have the right to go ahead and get working on stalling the production of that satellite. Do whatever they must, but make sure to not get caught,” Jon said, glancing at Dom for a nod of agreement.
            “Make sure they go by the plans stated in our handbook,” Minari piped in, not wanting them to just attack randomly. They had specifically set out plans that would provide them with the best and most logical way to get what they needed with the least amount of damage and public attack. If the public were to turn against them, they would definitely have a larger problem on their hands.
            “Tell them be prepared to remain hidden for a while… beyond just running their businesses. It’s imperative that they not be caught,” Ane said, not wanting anything to occur out of place that would hinder any further movement. This rebellion called for exact timing or else everything would fall apart. Everyone had objected to having such a time specific plan that if just one person were to be arrested everything would be blown to bits.
            “Alright, we got it. Keep the channel open for now. They’re moving in,” Sola said, hating that they were uselessly arguing over absolutely nothing. It was after all a tiny detail that no one needed to know.
            “First sighting,” Dom said, moving very carefully to prepare for the shootout. Many of the others were already shifting gently into position. They wanted to surprised the GFU party before they knew quite what hit them. “Steady…” he whispered, knowing that everyone could hear him and only the leaders could respond.
            “Don’t just waste your ammunition. Take the shot when you know you can get them. Let them waste their ammo if they see you move,” Jon said, keeping his voice very quiet. With the mikes being super sensitive, he knew it allowed them a lot of quiet responses and commands in case they were at a point when they would no longer be able to communicate. Remembering a line from American history, Jon smirked. “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” Glancing at him, Dom aimed carefully. He had a few smoke grenades that he was fully prepared to use.
            Although it would create a smokescreen, he knew that all of the troops for the Rebel Alliance knew how to hit their targets with this kind of distraction. It was after all, part of their training. Taking one of the smoke canisters, he pulled the pin and threw it over the barrier they were hidden behind. It landed quite a distance towards the group and instantly started to fill the forest with a fog-like smoke. Several other canisters were sent out by the other leaders, which made it harder for the enemy to see. They continued forwards with a great deal of caution. Everyone started to take their aim.
            “Collin, get those suits analyzed. I want their weaknesses downloaded immediately. Tell me the specs once you have them,” he whispered, aiming and just waiting for the right moment. Once Collin had that done, they would know just how to take down their enemy properly… and with the greatest amount of silence. Looking at the soldiers through his scope, Dom could see that they had several open spots… especially at the armpits and neck. It made him smirk seeing these obvious flaws. These suits of armor were no better than the metal ones of medieval times. All of the same faults obviously showed that they really had not done very much research on the topic.
            “Their necks and backs of knees are the best places. A brilliant armpit shot would work. And if a powerful enough chest shot, the chest plate will virtually explode and they’ll be doomed,” Collin said, making sure every single one of their soldiers could hear him.
            “Roger. Everyone at the ready,” Jon said, glancing down the line and seeing that many of the others had their guns prepared. The GFU troopers were approaching, guns fully drawn and taking every amount of caution.
            Collin was examining the current number of blips on the screen. Blue was for the Rebel Alliance; Red was for GFU troopers; Green was the leaders; Brown was for the Ewoks. Everything was laid out so simply. It was all coming down to a single shot that would suddenly start the whole entire line on both sides, shooting.
            “Snipers, take out the main targets. The heavy shooters and those that could cause us quite a problem,” Dom said, peering through his scope and seeing several heavily armored troops much farther in the back of the group. “Wait for my signal.” The entire channel was silent. All around them the forest was eerily quiet. From what he could see, it made the GFU troopers incredibly nervous. This almost felt like a very elegant dance. If the GFU troops made their move first, then immediately following would be the Rebel Alliance. But the rebels did not want to be the first to strike unless they absolutely had to. Everyone awaited Dom or Jon’s signal, making the tension with the fog thicker than glass.
            “Fire!” Jon said, seeing that it was just at the perfect point where if the GFU were any closer, it could be a devastating loss on the Rebel side.
            The forest suddenly erupted in gunfire. Laser blasts were everywhere. The fog disoriented many of the GFU troops, which gave the rebels a significant advantage. Sola could hear the noise over the main cameras. From all the surveillance she could see, everyone was firing. Bullets were going every which way, and with the fog it made it even harder to see the action. Collin could tell she was getting nervous about not knowing what was going on. He typed for a few moments and then the cameras all switched to a different setting. It provided them with a thermal version of the field, which easily saw past all the fake fog and enabled them to see who was shooting.
            Sola was practically biting off her fingernails now. The main camera she was watching was the one focused on the knoll that both Dom and Jon were atop of. She could see that Dom had taken one or two shots, but he was being meticulous and choosing where to aim. Jon on the other hand was just firing. His targets were easy to hit as he just shot at anything that was not in the typical forest colors that all of the rebels wore—along with the setting they were in. Many of the GFU troops—especially those on the front line—dropped like flies. The second wave though, was very prepared.
            It was only a minute into the first battle and already they were getting the second string racing forwards. Many of them were getting taken out by larger, more powerful weapons, while those heavily armored with the stronger guns were taking a lot of heat by the sudden surge of sniper shots. Teek was glancing at her own monitor, keeping an eye on the Ewoks. They were easily using their forest tactics to hinder GFU troops. Whole tree logs would swing down, knocking many of them off their feet and into adjoining tree trunks. Already Sola could see the devastating toll the GFU was suffering. If they didn’t retreat now, they would be at almost a complete loss.
           Her eyes had drifted from the monitor she watched so closely to the one where D00m, Ane and Minari were on. They seemed to be bunkered down and taking command of the situation in their area. It appeared to be a walk in the park for them as they easily made sure shots were taken and more smoke canisters were released. Upon returning her eyes to the screen Dom and Jon were on, she gasped. Both were currently in a close combat struggle, which made her incredibly nervous. Although Dom was completely capable of hand-to-hand fighting, it was heart wrenching for her to watch him coming so close to getting shot at.
            The butt of his gun slammed into the troopers neck, and then a shot was taken at him, which easily sent him off the knoll. There were more to follow, which despite the advantage the two had, they were still outnumbered. And of course Dom had a sniper, and a smaller gun with him. Jon on the other hand had better guns that would probably be better for repelling the enemy. Having sent the trooper he was currently battling with down the hill and into a few others, Jon whipped out his gun and started firing. Emptying the last of his sniper rounds into those down the hill, Dom threw it aside and began to use his smaller, lighter gun. It was strapped to his back for just that reason, and was easily usable.
            Taking several shots, Dom was thrown a bit by a sudden hit by a shot taken at him. The beam rifle had nearly penetrated his armor, which thankfully held, but just barely. If they were going to face this kind of opposition, Dom immediately knew he had to work quickly once this skirmish was over in order to get them updated armor.
            A loud noise caught him off guard, which caused many of the GFU troops to start to retreat. They were greatly outnumbered, or at least they thought they were. With the aid of the Ewoks, it made their numbers seem rather huge. Boy would the GFU party be embarrassed to think they had been held off by a few hundred people while their numbers were in the thousands at least. Many started to run back, except for those currently locked in close combat. Dom and Jon were part of the small few that were actually fighting.
            Just when he thought he was getting the upper hand, the trooper slammed the butt of his gun into Dom’s stomach, which sent him back even farther. Stumbling, he hit a tree and barely dodged a bullet aimed right at him. The soldier continued to follow him a bit, which he then was attacked by Dom from a different direction. They continued to fight some more as many of the rebels rushed after the GFU troops to make sure very few of them actually returned to the safety of the transports. Dom was currently pinned by the trooper, who had lost his gun in the fight and the two were now in fisticuffs. Stretching with one hand for his gun, Dom was using the other to try and fend off the GFU soldier. With no luck, the trooper suddenly swung down hard with the butt of his gun, catching him right in the face.
            Jon had somehow managed to fend off his man, and got the other off of Dom by shooting him. Pulling up his friend, the two of them scrambled about, trying to prepare in case they were hit again. Signaling that Dom needed to return, he started to retreat a bit when suddenly a shot was fired and a body dropped. Rushing to his side, the other pulled his friend up after killing the trooper and started to rush him back to the base. Luckily they weren’t far or else this sprint would be quite the run.
            “I need a medic team to meet me in the hanger, now,” Dom said, racing through the trees. He easily made it there in a few minutes and practically collapsed once he reached the hanger. Jon’s body landed next to him, and the medics immediately gathered him up and rushed him towards the infirmary. Coughing, he looked down at his armor. It was covered in not only his blood, but Jon’s too. His hands were shaking from running so fast and being in such a panic. The adrenaline was a big blocker of the pain he was currently suffering from in his face. Aldorel knelt down next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
            “Come on. I need to have someone take a look at your face,” she said, seeing the blood all over his face. “I have to get you cleaned up to go see Sola.” Glancing at her, he nodded and got up, following her into the infirmary.
            It was shortly after that Sola burst in, just as Aldorel was finishing up the stitches in his lip and forehead. The look on her face was pure panic and extreme worry. He smiled at her, getting up from the bed he was currently occupying. Any other injured were being rushed in and they could use the bed more than he could. Sola hugged him, almost bursting into tears at the sight of him with some bandages.
            “You said you were going to be safe!” She said, taking a step back and hitting him.
            “Ow! I’m sorry! There were more on our side than we anticipated,” he said, trying to ease her fears as best as he could. Dom wasn’t worried about himself and wanted to know the status of Jon. From what he had figured, the Army specialist was taken into surgery immediately.
            “How do you think I felt watching that happen on surveillance?! I nearly went out there myself! There is no way in fucking hell I am leaving you to just run about defending me and everyone else. You were foolish to think this would be easy!” She definitely had a right to yell at him. It had been quite scary, even for him. When he had been fighting off the trooper, Dom had definitely seen everything flash through his mind—the life he had and the future he might not have. And if Jon hadn’t been there, Dom definitely would have been doomed.
            “I know… I know,” he said, his voice very quiet. He really didn’t know what else he could say. If there was anything he could tell her in order to calm her fears, he wished it would come to mind… But so far it hadn’t. “I’ll make the updates for our armor once everyone returns,” Dom said, sighing. They hugged again, Dom enjoying the fact that he got to hold her once more.
            Together they left the infirmary and went into the command center where the other leaders had shown up. Dom was frantically awaiting news about Jon, which he hoped would come soon. Aldorel was supposed to keep him posted and alert him the instant he was out of surgery. Collin came over to Dom and hugged his “older brother.” Teek was gripping onto Dom’s leg tightly, having also watched the fire fight. Picking her up, they embraced and then Teek moved to his back where she could hug him some more.
            Ane, Minari and the others were busily looking over the status of many of the soldiers. They had fared better than the GFU troops, which was a good sign that they were pretty prepared for the unexpected. But alas it did not give them very much room for error next time. All of the armor needed to be upgraded and then prepared for even heavier weapons to come. Knowing those troopers that had escaped, they would report back that they were virtually obliterated. This would then require the Ritters and GFU leaders to rush their own research and development department to get them more advanced items. The Rebel Alliance always had to stay one step ahead of the enemy.
            Many of the other rebels were out gathering the bodies and moving them to a hidden location in order to dispose of them properly. They may be rebels, but they weren’t heartless. Each person would get a proper burial and headstone. If it was possible, their relatives would be contacted and sent any belongings that the troops had carried with them. All of the weapons were gathered so that Dom and his team could utilize them and alter them so that they could make some kind of use out of them. Sola sat down in her chair, with Collin seated next to her. Dom stood behind them both, anxiously waiting for Aldorel to walk through that door. He was preparing himself for the worst case scenario, but in the back of his mind, he knew it really wasn’t that serious.
            Dom kept glancing at the door, expecting Aldorel to burst into the room. In knowing her though, he figured she would just sneak through and tell him the news. Ane and Minari were organizing the burials, making sure they had a religious figure to preside over each ceremony. His mind was everywhere and nowhere all at once. Just when he thought she wasn’t going to show, Aldorel slipped into the room and walked around to where he was. Before even getting a word out, she took him by the arm and led him out into the hallway. The door closed behind them and there they stood in the silence.
            “How is he?” Dom was obviously very eager to know of Jon’s condition.
            “Just let me talk first. He made it out of surgery just fine. Right now he’s resting,” she said, sighing. Aldorel smiled at him reassuringly.
            “That didn’t sound finished,” he said, looking at her for more. Dom was acting like a curious little kid.
            “But he won’t be able to do much until he recovers,” she explained. “He took damage to the abdomen and that will really limit his ability to partake in the rebellion,” Aldorel said.
            “Can I go see him?” Dom wanted to make sure at the very least he could visit with him. Teek, who happened to still be on his back, tightened her grip on him in a sort of backwards hug.
            “I suppose you can. But be wary of the other patients,” Aldorel said, looking at Dom with a serious expression on her face. She didn’t want him waking the other patients, or even causing any sort of trouble.
            “I won’t. I promise. You have my word as a member of our council,” he said, bowing slightly to her. Turning on his heel, he immediately dashed down the hallway just as Sola exited the command center followed by Collin and a few other members.
            “Is Jon okay?” Sola turned her gaze to the other woman, hoping for a positive answer.
            “Jon is recovering. He’ll need some time to get back to normal before the next battle, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate all the visits you guys can give him. Keep him updated, that’s for sure,” Aldorel said, smiling at Sola and Collin. “You can go visit him if you would like. That’s where Dom is headed.” Waving over her shoulder, Al headed in the direction of the infirmary at a much slower pace, glad to be in the peace and quiet for a little while until she had to return to her duties in the hospital wing.
            “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him take off that fast,” Collin said, staring after Dom, who had long since disappeared from the hallway. He glanced up at Sola, curious for her reaction. She was grinning when she turned to face Collin.
            “You and him are a lot alike,” she said, laughing. “I’m sure if something happened to you, or either one of you were in the same boat as Jon, you would react the same.” Collin fell silent, thinking upon her words.
            “I guess that is true,” he said, nodding. They began to walk down the hall, deciding to take the long way to the infirmary to allow Dom a lot of time to talk with Jon. Together they probably had a lot to go over, especially now that the battle was over and the biggest skirmish had yet to even get started.

* * * * *

            Jon looked at the maps and other pieces of information set before him. He was currently going over some of the specs that they had managed to figure out after the brief battle. Together, he and Dom were analyzing every single piece. If they couldn’t figure out any more details, then it was utterly hopeless for them to be able to do any more than what was already planned. Shifting through the papers, he made several marks on the maps and charts that were brought to him. Dom currently wasn’t in the room, but the two were linked via headsets and a camera through a laptop that Jon had.
            At the moment, Dom was altering all of the suits of armor. It was quite a task to upgrade every piece of armor that had already went out to the rebel members, but he had also made some changes thanks to examining the gear of the GFU troops. After having found the weaknesses in their body armor, he made sure that all of their equipment would be much more durable. Occasionally Jon would watch at what Dom was currently welding or working on. Sometimes it was to provide him with some kind of feedback and other times it was to say he had a question about some details that were currently missing from any of the reports he was flipping through.
            Dom had traveled back north to the warehouse to make sure things remained running smooth up there. This also gave him time away to be able to work on the updates away from the chaos. Soon though, he would be bringing all of his work with him and resume in an environment that he had designed for himself. Now the upgrades and all of the technology would be right there among the rebels, enabling Dom to make any changes or teach people himself rather than through a long tedious process of showing others first and having it move through the ranks that way. From the noises coming over the speaker, Jon could tell Dom was busy welding something, and then cutting into some kind of metal.
            “You’re going to make the changes to everything in how many days?” Jon was staring at a schedule Dom had written for himself that told him and others what he was upgrading on what days. So far it was mostly him doing the work, but his techies were slowly learning how to make the changes. It was going to take Dom too long to teach them all directly, so many were learning by watching him.
            “Four more,” he answered. It sounded a bit like Dom was talking through a tin can, but that was mostly because he was currently talking in his headset while wearing his welding mask. So far the schedule was working out quite well. Around the clock a certain number of the rebels would be able to get their upgraded armor and return to their duties. Dom had gotten it all down to an exact science that he could magically have all of the armor finished in about four hours. Three other technicians were working with him, so they were actually getting quite a lot of the jobs finished.
            “The weapons too?” Jon was examining the hectic time frame Dom gave himself. The only other person he knew that could pull something like this off was D00m, and she was already busy with the other tasks she had going on.
            “Everything,” Dom said, raising up the visor and checking his current handiwork. Things were moving along pretty quickly. By the end of the week he would be down south at the military facility, which meant that Tom was in charge of everything up here. The basement would be completely empty. Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was getting to that time when he needed to send these shipments back south. Finishing up what he was working on, he packed them up and put them on the car going down to the base.

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