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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 2

            I was not surprised to hear her footsteps behind me. We were ascending the stairs towards our rooms, the noise of our parent’s party getting underway as the guests already began to arrive… four hours early. More booze for them I suppose. By my mother’s request we were to remain upstairs. Dinner would hopefully make its way up to us, but I wasn’t completely sure she knew exactly what the meal would contain.
            “We can play with your superheroes,” she said, racing ahead of me to my door. Stopping in the opening, my sister looked at me, a grin on her face. This little game of ours continued each night until she finally dozed off and I began my homework. The noise of the party drifted up to us; sometimes I’d hear someone stumble and knock against the wall as they made their way to the bathroom. More than likely to throw up the large amounts of liquor they consumed.

            After several hours of this partying, I finally heard the noise die down. Peeking out my door, I continued to remain alert to find if I was indeed right about the guests being gone. Stepping into the hall, I strained to hear voices. Just as I was about to set myself in the direction of the stairs a glass bottle dropped, causing its crash to echo in the house. My heart raced as the pounding echoed in my head.
            “Why ya ‘p so late?” The voice is cold, the words slurred. I open my mouth twice to say something, to provide some answer, but nothing comes out. “Ansa me, boy!” This time his voice is louder and much more intimidating.
            “Just dinner. I’m hungry,” I said, keeping stationary in front of my room. His feet sounded heavy as he moved towards me. It was hard to not flee back into the safety of my room, but both of us needed food. A huge hand shoved me aside as he walked past, practically stomping down the stairs. I exhaled, realizing I don’t remember holding my breath. Straining my ears, I finally followed him downstairs. My own footsteps were as quiet as I could get them with shoes on a wood floor. I kept my gaze to the floor, watching for broken glass for whatever bottle had broken.
            Multiple broken bottles were strewn across the hardwood, some of them lying in their contents; others piled against the wall where they were probably thrown. Picking my way warily around the glass, I slipped into the kitchen. Food platters sat on the kitchen island, most of the options gone or spilt all over. Heaving open the fridge, I pulled out a few items and managed to find that they were still good. Gathering what was not molding that I could make into some meal. Glass crunched somewhere behind me, causing me to freeze in place.
            “Where’s Max?” I turned to look at my mother.
            “Upstairs. I was getting dinner. Something we didn’t get like you promised,” I said, returning to the task. Stepping around her I sped towards the stairs. My feet thundered up the stairs as I retreated to my room. Leaning against my door, my heart beat quickly in my chest. Normally I wasn’t so scared of my drunken mother, but I had my sister to protect.
            Reaching my desk, I set down the items and sorted through them. I managed to make a sandwich for myself, and a peanut butter one for Max. Leaving them on the plates, I walked over to my bed and knelt down next to her. I rested my hand on her shoulder, carefully shaking her awake.
            “Max, come on, let’s get up. I have dinner for us.” At the mention of food her eyes opened and looked to me. Taking the plate, I brought it over and set it on the night stand.
            “I like peanut butter,” she said, seizing the sandwich and taking a large bite. We sat in silence enjoying our simple dinner. Dusting the crumbs off her shirt, Max grinned at me.
            “Come on, it’s late. Bedtime.” Forcing myself off the floor, I pulled out the camping mattress I used and lay it out on the floor. Finding my sleeping bag stuffed under the bed, I finally settled into my own bed.

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