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Friday, September 21, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 19

Max looked through some binoculars down at the city from where she lay on a cliff. Wind blew her hair a bit loose from under her desert cloak where it moved about as the breeze picked up. She set them down, resting her arms from the long look. The walkie-talkie next to her must have gone off, as she spoke into it for a few moments before finally getting up and heading towards the narrow trail. It was a long treacherous climb downwards through the rocks back to the roof of the hidden cliff base.

            Cautiously making her way down, Max dropped the last few feet onto the roof and headed for the stairs back into the air conditioned place. It was sweltering on the top of the cliff, although it had cooled considerably descending the high wall. She pushed open the door to her room and slumped on the bed. It took a few moments before she got up and left. Sitting still was definitely not her favorite thing to do. I trailed her, seeing that she was getting her items to go out on the field. Setting her helmet on her head, Max headed for where she could get a truck from one of the mechanics.
            They talked for several minutes before he threw her the keys from where he disappeared in his office. Max caught them and headed for the car he said she could use—a standard medical transport truck. I laughed, knowing that she was hoping for something faster. She sped off, probably flooring it the whole way into the city. It wasn’t long till she parked some distance out of the town and walked the rest of the way in. It was a time consuming stroll, but she nodded to some of the rebels sitting outside on the back of buildings where they were resting.
            I watched as she spoke with a few of them before checking any injuries they had. The few men took her to where they had comrades currently fighting. It was a good distancing to the interior of the city where they were trapped. Between the two of the rebels, they were able to keep Max very protected, much more so than any of the other soldiers had ever been able to manage. Surprisingly enough they had tunnels and secret entrances that even the militia had not thought of. No wonder they were able to hold off large forces for so long.
            Their forces were much smaller and yet they were able to fight off the soldiers much better. Traveling through the catacombs was a much more efficient way to carry around supplies, and tend to the wounded than by moving about in the open.
            Crawling out onto a rooftop, Max greeted the two rebels. Along with her medic bag, Max had some food, water and another box of ammunition for them. They chatted quietly for a few moments before she treated their wounds. For the most part they had cuts and scrapes, but otherwise fine. She crawled back towards the stairwell where she followed the two around to the other fighters. Moving around the city in a slow pattern, in which she brought the roof and building shooters more water and food. There were various other supplies she took around to them such as blankets for when the temperature dropped and occasionally ammunition when both of the rebels instructed her to do so.
            Max finally made it back to the truck. Both of the rebels were helping a few of their injured friends to the truck, easing them onto stretchers in the back. Waving, Max drove off towards the cliffs.
            She didn’t make it very far as shouts rang out behind her. Glancing in her review mirror, she noticed a new figure flagging her down. Turning around rather quickly, Max went back. He seemed rather frantic as if it were more important than the two in the truck. Seizing her bag, Max ran after his fleeing form. They went below a building where other members of the rebellion were hiding out. After chatting for a few minutes, Max knelt down by a woman and talked with her. Wiping her brow, she dug in her bag and pulled out a few items and then shook her head. Her lips moved quickly as she must have asked for specific items that resembled ones in a normal hospital room. The woman was breathing heavy, her bulbous belly making it hard for her to sit. This woman was going into labor and the husband asked Max to deliver the baby. I don’t think they covered this in medic school.

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