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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Sandstorms Chapter 15

I raised an eyebrow as Max walked into the courtyard. There were other members of the base there, most of them throwing around a beat up baseball. We both watched the group for a few moments before I observed her walking towards the them. They appeared to be trying to split into teams—not very successfully if I might add—because of the shortage of players. With gauze still tapped on her head, I watched her talk to them for a few moments. Some of their gestures seemed to get wild, if not aggravated to have a girl on their team.

            This field was much larger than anything Max or I had ever played on—granted this was the middle of the rock alcove—so of course it was larger. Glancing between the two teams I noticed they were somewhat matched evenly. The opposing team had a few of the larger guys, but I’m sure that would only further spur on the competitiveness. It was one of those games that I’m sure one should root for the underdog, especially since Max was the smallest one on the team. I watched for a few moments from my spot on the stairs as the first few hits were knocked into the outfield.
            Seeing the game I used to play as a little kid fascinated me. All these soldiers running about the sands trying to get the runner out made me laugh. These big men trying to handle this little ball between them in this dry heat was ridiculous. Shaking my head, I leaned against the railing, knowing there was no way I could fall but it still made me at least a bit comfortable. That classically loud crack of the bat that sent the ball flying to the far wall, reminding me of all those games I played during recess. Right now though, there were more important things at hand. Something in the back of my mind told me I should go inside. Turning on my heel I moved to slip through the doors when suddenly they burst open.
            “Jason! Where the hell are you?!” Jade looked livid, if not like she was going to kill someone. Following her down the stairs and towards the baseball field, I watched as she moved to where the players had all frozen from playing their game. She made her way towards them, decking the pitcher to the ground.
            “What’s your problem Jaiden?” He said, reaching up and touching his lip. Jason looked utterly confused, starting to stand only to be kicked down again.
            “Hey!” Several of the officers moved in to separate Jade from him, grabbing at her arms to make sure she didn’t swing again. “What the hell did I do to you?”
            “You did this! You stole his name! Claiming that he was not dead just so you could use his influence over other members of the service! It’s been six years, Jason! How the hell long do you think it would take I or Max to notice someone parading around as Marcus!” Just watching Jade I could tell she was breathing heavy, probably from all the yelling.
            “No, he’s dead. The file was closed six years ago,” Max said, looking between Jade and Jason. The three of us looked into his eyes and looking behind them I could tell he was lying. Shaking her head, Max turned and ran for the steps. I should be the angry one—having my identity stolen—but any revenge I wanted to take would be hopeless, at least in this state. Pulling herself from the soldiers—who seemed distracted by the current situation—Jade grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him so they were eye to eye.
            “Stop your stupid ideals and just fix this problem, Jason. Or I’ll kill you myself,” Jade said, her voice barely above a whisper. Shoving him back into the group, she turned on a dime and headed in after Max. The other men shifted away from him step by step until he was in the middle of their little crowd.

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